Anonymous said: hi. will you be subbing more of your cuts? please and thank you. also, perhaps jpopsuki has the videos.

Hello! I really really want to sub more things, I even have specific moments that I know I would like to sub! But unfortunately I am super busy with uni right now D:

And I’m a perfectionist so I take a while to sub things, hehe ^^; But I plan to! :3

Making of Lady Diamond PV - Cut 2 ENG SUBBED

Kento and Fuma are feeling playful and keep messing around with toy swords~ <3

(turn on CC for subs)


Making of Lady Diamond PV - Cut 1 ENG SUBBED

Marius and Sou play-fight and then everyone gangs up on Kishi, lol.

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Anonymous said: You said that it's easy to find JJL episodes with their dates, but I'm having a hard time. Do you get it in some Chinese site? I want to watch Matsushima's Brain Mirror.

I had a quick search and you’re right, it seems to have gotten harder to find :/ Uploaders for Japanese shows tend to like to stay relatively unknown so they don’t really make it easy to find. If you’re still interested, I can upload either the full episode or just Sou’s part if you want?

Anonymous said: Hello, can you please tell me what's the name of the TV show ? Thank You :)

Hi. The show is Johnny’s Jr. Land :)

EP21 Ramen - ENG SUB
(turn on CC, annotations)

Before Kikuchi Team gave them each delicious ‘ikemen’ ramen and now is a special ‘treat’ that only one person will get to eat. They janken’d for it earlier and Marius won so he gets to try it, except it’s more like a punishment than a treat and everyone ends up trying it anyway~ :P

Marius speaks German! And poor Amu-chan <3
I wasn’t planning on subbing this! But ended up anyway, lol. Sorry it took so long~

EP21 Massage - ENG SUB (turn on CC)

Kikuchi Team gave Nakajima Team a painful massage so now it’s time for the proper, relaxing massage. Except… it turns out that even though it’s supposed to be relaxing, it hurts!

I decided to try subbing it this time! It’s my first time using Youtube’s captions and it’s kinda difficult to use /dies. So please enjoy it~!

EP20 Kikujima score by running over the goalies

EP19 Answer station (Saneyasu ft. Marius, Fuma)

Saneyasu’s problem is when he comes home, his dog barks at him. But Saneyasu, being Saneyasu, starts off with the toy dog in a funny position (which Marius thinks is hilarious).

They demonstrate by having Marius act as the toy dog, but his bark is too high at first. Saneyasu then describes the size of his dog (whose name is Chappy, btw). Marius tries again with a lower bark, but Saneyasu isn’t very good at telling his dog to be quiet (he’s supposed to say “I’m coming home, so be quiet” but it sounds more like “I’m coming, hehe, home, so be, be quiet…”). Apparently Chappy always bites at his ankles but doesn’t bother his other family members.

Next Saneyasu tries greeting his dog cheerfully, except it pretty much sounds the same so Fuma hits him. He does it better the second time but he still gets hit by Fuma (probably because he’s making fun of his dog).

After that they try yelling “I’m home!” and hugging Chappy. Mogi makes Fuma do it because he’ll get embarrassed (once again, go Mogi!), even though he tries to say Marius will be better. Marius does it after anyway and Mogi says they can’t tell which is the dog (as in, both are very cute <3) and Saneyasu should give his dog to Marius.

Another suggestion is to ‘washawasha' Chappy, and embarrassed Fuma gets to demonstrate again. LOL. Marius tries too but they get distracted by how he opens the 'door' like a dance. Finally, Saneyasu does it and well… it's an improvement.